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Additionally, I finished my first novel in September 2016! As of right now, I am querying agents, and will update this information when I have news.


4 thoughts on “works

  1. I retired from investments and volunteered in helping set up a church with the different filing and regulatory requirements. Over a dozen plus years, I noticed there were similarities and differences in Christianity and Corporate America. Women and Gays were also a current topic being discussed. I had several thoughts and Dawn was instrumental in helping me get these down on paper. We got my book done in four months. This helped me complete one of my bucket list items. Dawn was organized and structured and kept me on schedule.


  2. Loved the “Top Secret Diets”. Very funny. BUT – I want you to post somewhere the 5 they cut out because one of those 5 might work for me. PS: Have I told you lately I think you are brilliant? And you are one of my favorite writers – right up there with Dan Brown, John Grisham and 100’s more.


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