I am a fast writer, known for using humor to discuss a point, who loves to make editors happy by meeting deadlines, being flexible, and working with editorial needs.  (Except when I am writing poetry…then I am a slow writer!)

A high school English teacher for 15 years, I am grateful for my time with students who taught me to be more creative, more loving, more kind, and more just.

I am currently at work on

  • finding an agent for my first novel
  • drafting my second novel
  • drafting and revising lots of poems, essays, articles, and short stories

In addition, I offer services for

  • ghostwriting
  • editing
  • tutoring

If you wish to contact me, please leave a comment on this site or email me at edclaflin(at)gmail.com.

I have a wide range of writing interests that include

  • motherhood, kids, and family
  • teens, teaching, and adolescence
  • healthy living and eating
  • friendship and relationships
  • nature, activity, and the outdoors
  • Jesus, and living as a true follower
  • humor writing

9 thoughts on “about

  1. What the what?! You ARE living the dream!!!!! And I get to read about it?! ONGOMGOMGOMG. Can someone please schedule her writer’s retreat on Vashon soon????? Because, yasssssssss!


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