I was a high school English teacher for 15 years, I’m grateful to my students for teaching me to be more creative, more loving, more kind, and more just.

I like what I like, and what I like other than writing is

  • my kids and husband
  • friends and family
  • reading
  • laughing
  • pretending to be an artist
  • music (I play guitar and hand percussion adequately, and am the lead drummer* for my teacher band Staff Infection)
  • teenagers
  • friendship and relationships
  • hiking, camping, and almost anything outside
  • living as a true follower of Jesus

If you want to get in touch:

  • email: dawnclaflin(at)gmail.com
  • Facebook: Dawn Turner Claflin
  • LinkedIn (aren’t you young to be concerned about LinkedIn?): Dawn Claflin
  • Twitter: @dawnclaflin
  • Instagram: @dawnclaflin

*aka, the only person willing to learn to play drums; I have to relearn every time we perform