Author Interview: the Great Michael Beasley

What do taxi drivers, the Avengers, and Charles Dickens have in common? Looking for some inspiration to chase down your dreams? Read on!

Today I’d like to introduce you to an author who happens to be a personal friend of mine: Michael Beasley! Michael lives near me in the Seattle area and, like many of us, is in the beginning stages of being a writer.

DC:    How did you get started in creative writing?

MB:    I first started writing in 9th grade for a The Lord of the Flies project. I wrote a short story about an epic battle between the main character and the antagonist in the actual book and film. I remember it because my classmates and English teacher were impressed.

DC:    What was your experience in school?

MB:    It was a mixed bag. I was constantly picked on in elementary school, but once I entered my junior year and transferred to a school for students with learning disabilities, I felt like a regular kid and got along with most students. I feel like I received a better education than what I would have gotten in public school and I’m very grateful for that blessing in my life.

[Let me interrupt with the following announcement: Michael has Cerebral Gigantism (just like Andre the Giant!) and Asperger’s Syndrome. He would say that’s irrelevant to his writing, but I disagree—not because “Look at what he’s overcome,” but because we need diverse voices! #DV #ownvoice. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.]

DC:    Have you written steadily ever since?

MB:    No, actually. Back in 2015, I wasn’t writing at all, but was feeling dissatisfied and like I needed a form of escapism. Then, a few things happened—a co-worker and I chatted about flying cars being rolled out in some countries, I had some deep thoughts about taxi drivers combatting corruption, and I wrote some scenes and played around with characters. Then I shelved my novel for a year due to work and personal stress.

DC:    Whoa, that’s keeping it real. I don’t think we usually think about writers having a slump that lasts an entire year. How did you get back into it? 

MB:    After going through my raw manuscript in early 2017, I felt inspired to write again thanks to friends, some of whom encouraged me to study my genre, others who paid for professional editing as a birthday gift. These friends gave me the momentum to get back to work. Also, to be fair, I got a new job with more flexible hours!

DC:    Always a plus!

MB:    All I can do is give God the glory for reigniting my desire to write again, especially something as big as this book project. Past projects usually involved fandom and fan-fiction. My rediscovered passion for writing went from a spark in my gut, to a roaring blaze, and I’m excited to see where this goes.

DC:    This project is the one you’re currently working on, right? Can you please describe it?

MB:    My current writing project is a Sci-Fi/Action/Cyberpunk/Fantasy novel written in installments, with the first episode already completed and in refinement mode, and the second episode in development.

DC:    Without any spoilers, what’s it about?

MB:    The story is set in 2023 amid rampant corruption at every level of government. Caleb Porter, 22, stumbles upon a once-in-a-lifetime job offer from an unknown organization that stealthily rights the wrongs in the world. Locations in the book range from Atlanta, Georgia; to Dubai, UAE; Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, Malaysia; Berlin, Germany to Siberia, Russia.

DC:    Sort of like Mission: Impossible meets Avengers meets Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

MB:    You know no one under thirty-five even knows what that is.

DC:    Kids these days! Anyway, why installments?

MB:    I decided to compete for publication with Inkitt, a social media and writer’s platform. I figured I could build my craft and gain exposure for my work at the same time.

DC:    How does it work?

MB:    It’s just like old-fashioned serial novels, for instance everything written by Charles Dickens, which were printed in magazines each month. I upload an chapters as I finish them and hope for votes. I also respond to reader feedback through revisions. Meanwhile, I work on drafting the next chapter, and so on until the novel is complete.

DC:    So, the more votes you get…?

MB:    The closer I come to publication.

DC:    Well sign me up! How do I vote?

MB:    [explains and it sounded boring and complicated but wasn’t really once I tried. Therefore: instructions and links at the end of this interview!]

DC:    Michael, this is super exciting and I wish you the best! Let’s do this again in a year or two—this time, we can talk about your published novel!

MB:    Thanks for your time! I appreciate all the support and beta readers I can get.


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