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Today I’m taking a break from poetry (and round four of agent query letters!) to share an essay of mine that went live today at Mothers Always Write. The editors are incredibly supportive, and have established a loyal base of contributors. Please take a look, and share it with friends–while you’re at it, enjoy this always lovely, always well-written journal (which has also published other essays of mine, which you can read here, here, here, and here).

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A Series of Poems I’ve Written, Ed. 4: “When the Tide Comes in”

The weather is sunny in Seattle today, and so it is easy to be joyful. Some days, not so much. This poem deals in water, in wind, and most of all in the true source of hope.


When the Tide Comes in


Jesus was a sailor, after all,

split knuckles good for more than just

hammering and



On bad days, I listen

as rain pounds out the

staccato rhythm of my mood,

and I think,

At least I’m not in a boat.


Sometimes I have to wait.

There he is, asleep among dead fish,

Untroubled by the chafing sea.



predictable as the tides,

he wakes and

peace arrives:

my merchant navy


shipping crates full


stacked            20 tall

30 deep


a quadratic equation

equivalent to


the brisk salt breeze,

bright pennants flapping,

gulls flying over

red boxes full up

with hope.



This poem appeared in The Phoenix Soul November 2016.

For other poems, check out “A Small Rebellion“, “Perspective“, and “Winter Hike in the Mountains“.

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New Essay Published!

Live somewhere, like an apartment, condo, or house? Have neighbors who are (presumably) humans?

Then head to your local bookstore to read my latest essay “Earplugs Make Good Neighbors” which you can find in print in Funny Times!

In case you need convincing: this essay involves marijuana, a beach, and a dead squirrel. Serious literature, people!


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