1.  Why aren’t you teaching anymore?

Teaching is the best, most fulfilling job ever.  However, it also drains me in every possible way: creatively, emotionally, physically, spiritually.  Because my husband is also a teacher, our own kids were missing out.  We felt like God said I should take a break from teaching to be a great mom — and to write!

2.  What about your students?  Won’t you miss them?

Yes, more than I can express.  If you are a former student of mine, please hit me up if you ever need help with writing, schoolwork…anything!

3.  What do you like to write?

I love young adult (YA) lit.  I also love personal essays, especially funny ones.  Finally, I always find myself writing poetry; I can’t help myself.

4.  What do you like to read?


5.  I would like to write.  What advice do you have for me?

Kurt Vonnegut once said, “When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.”  He is one of the most successful American authors of all time, and yet he knew how painful and slow writing can be!  So, my first piece of advice is to just write; get your thoughts and feelings down even if you think they’re not good enough.  You can look at your writing later to edit and revise.

Second, start acting like a writer.  Tell people you are an author.  Get friends, or teachers, or adults to read your work and give you feedback.  Send your work out to publishers and competitions — see my page “Resources” for ideas.  Changing your mindset is a huge part of this work.

And, if you love writing, don’t give up.  You have important things to say.  All of us are waiting to hear from you!

6.  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Spending time with my kids, husband, and friends; hiking, camping, and anything outside; reading; creating just about anything; laughing; playing music with my church’s worship team.

7.  I’d like to hire you for ghostwriting, editing, etc. How can I contact you?

You can comment anywhere on this site, or message me on Facebook or LinkedIn (Dawn Turner Claflin there), or email me: edclaflin(at)gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “f.a.q.

  1. Dawnie!!! This is amazing news. I am a little verklempt thinking about how perfect it is. Such a bold and fitting step. Can’t wait to read your work! I love you my dear friend.


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