Don’t Read My New Essay if “Womanly Issues” Embarrass You–and other stuff I’m thinking about

My two weeks of vacation turned into four, and today I finally sat down to write only to find out…the lovely Mothers Always Write published one of my essays today! Of course I love it when you read my stuff, but this one comes with a disclaimer: it’s about periods. And not the kind at the end of this sentence.

As a mother, my brain is always in a few different places, and as a writer it’s no different. People ask me, Do you write novels or essays or poetry? Yes. Do you write for adults or teens. Yes. Have you been published, or are you still looking for an agent? Yes.

Anyway, part of my brain is with my son and his friend, who are outside jumping on the trampoline while the sprinkler runs under it. Part of my brain is with my daughter, who is away at horse camp with her bestie. And parts of my brain are with my first novel (it’s time to query more agents), my second novel (all my feedback is in so I need to start another draft), and my essays (when one gets published, that tells me to submit again).

Because it’s summer, part of my brain is also thinking about that hammock outside. I’d love it if you grabbed a cold drink, pulled up my essay here, and relaxed while reading–not just my essay, but the whole journal! Happy summer to you!


Photo credit for hilarious ad: Internet Archive Book Images – book page:, No restrictions,

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