Three Week Update for the Price of One!

What do Mexico, zombies, and Erik in an apron have in common? Me, unfortunately.

Two weeks ago I was in the Tecate/Tijuana area, building a house and outhouse for a sweet family who were living in a tiny one-room shack.

Last week I was recovering from five days of little sleep, huge energy output, emotion, and adrenaline. I couldn’t have told you what day it was, let alone write a blog post about it!

That brings us to today! My first novel, Things That Were Lost, is out in the world, letting God work his magic. Six agents have the first 10-25 pages; another two requested the full manuscript and I’m waiting to hear from them. I’ll check in with them in early July when I query more agents.

And my second novel! It’s called Current Novel Trajectory Two (never let a little writers block keep you from writing, I always say). As of this writing, it weighs in at about 50,000 words spread over 272 pages. I am feverishly working to reduce the 576 comments (read: things that need fixing) to, oh, a nice round number like 0 by next Friday, when I send this book off to my fantastically marvelous group of beta readers.

I am feeling slightly whelmed.

So, that’s my life for the next week, which means if you drop by my house, you’re likely to see Erik wearing an apron (and his other clothes! don’t worry!), Angus watching TV, Aeddan off self-parenting like usual, and the dog crossing her legs as she waits to be let out.

I’ll be the zombie sitting in the corner, red-rimmed eyes lit up by the computer screen, dry crusts of bread, empty coffee mugs, and random tufts of hair scattered all around. Actually, looking much like I do in the photo, only with less smiley.

But in one week–two weeks of freedom! In which I will pretend I am not an author!


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