Have You Promoted My Essay in the Last Few Minutes?

So, my mom is better at my PR campaign than I am. Some of you are, too. And this week is your last chance to do a girl a solid by reading this essay.

In December, I shared that an essay of mine was live at Sammiches and Psych Meds, but that it was a big experiment for me: in order to get paid, “This Essay is Worth a Thousand Dollars” needs to reach 2,000 unique views. I claimed that I would be shamelessly promoting in order to test this method of publication.

Well. I may have overestimated myself. My mom shared my post at least four times. I’ve only posted it that one time.

A wise person (me) once said that any experiment that gives new information is a wild success, and now I know: I blow at aggressive marketing. I’m more tepid. If not actually cold. Just above freezing, maybe.

However, I’m not willing to give in just yet–my experiment lasts until January 21! That’s the last day for me to rack up those 2,000 hits.

So. You have a three-day weekend. Why not use it visiting this page from every device you own: your phone, laptop, iPad, and work computer? Why not share my essay on Facebook and Twitter? Why not compulsively check back every few hours to comment, keeping it at the top of everyone’s feed? Of course, the site doesn’t indicate how many hits we’ve already accrued, so there is only one solution: constant vigilance, people!

Don’t worry; the end is in sight. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey! And thanks for helping me along on mine!


Photo credit of way more cash than I will ever see, and why is it from the FBI???: FBI Buffalo Field Office – http://buffalo.fbi.gov/images/c3.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11854731

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