New Piece Online at Mothers Always Write

I’m honored to announce that a new essay is up on Mothers Always Write. Click here to take a look–in it I share my true and painful ER experience from when my daughter broke her arm. Trust me: if you’re a parent, you will want to read this now, before one of your own children breaks a bone.

As always, look around Mothers Always Write while you’re there. This gem of a journal always has lovely writing!


6 thoughts on “New Piece Online at Mothers Always Write

  1. Oh my gosh, my son just went through conscious sedation to set his broken radius and ulna, but the let me stay in the room. It was over quickly and his eyes glassed over and it was spooky. Then they had to push it in place more while the out on his cast without any sedation and that was like pure torture. Hope you both are doing well!


    1. No way! I seriously can’t believe they use this on kids. I understand that the kiddos don’t remember it, but it doesn’t seem worth the risks of having to reset bones. I’m sorry that happened to you and your son! And yes, we’re fine. My daughter, of course, remembers nothing! Phew!


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