These are a few of my favorite things exhibit A: Getting Published!

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “Waiting for a Leader” was recently published in Primary Treasure! This piece was inspired by my daughter Aeddan and her classmates when a new girl started school with them in fourth grade.

Primary Treasure is a magazine put out by the Seventh Day Adventists for their kids to read in Sunday School. It’s legit–David James Duncan even mentions it in The Brothers K (better known as The Best Book Ever Written). I get super excited when things I love overlap: think Seven Degrees of Separation, but with my hobbies instead of people. (Remember how excited I was to appear with Dave Barry? Or get published by Ariel Gore?) So, here is the spider-webby map of this one:

my love of my kids+my career as a writer+my favorite book+my faith in Jesus=hemorrhaging joy!!!

(In case the metaphor breaks down, that’s a good thing.)

I’m sorry to say that this story isn’t available online–but not to worry! Just walk into your friendly neighborhood Seventh Day Adventist church (on a Saturday, remember) and offer to trade any kid for an old copy of Calvin and Hobbes.

Next week: in which my satire appears next to a comic by Bill Watterson. (Or, probably, not. But only because he’s retired.)



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