In Which I Graciously Share Space with…DAVE BARRY!

You are going to have to pardon all the italics in this post, but I have life-changing news. Yesterday I got a copy of my first print publication, in Funny Times. So far, all my other credits have been online.

This is great, this is wonderful, but it’s not really italics worthy. (Except for the title of the newspaper. No way around that one.)

But then the italics happened! Because: my name was next to Dave Barry‘s! I was so excited that I may have screamed, out loud, “My name is right next to Dave Barry’s!” Perhaps I was reading on the lawn in front of the library. Perhaps it was crowded yesterday, because it was Farmer’s Market day. Perhaps I was sitting next to my daughter, who is entering her teenage years with that certain mortification kids get whenever their parents do anything interesting, like breathe or talk or make jokes about sex. Or dance next to them at a summer outdoor concert. (Not that I would know.)

But who cares about that? Because, I mean, Dave Barry! I learned everything I know about parenting and relationships from that guy!

I confess that part of me was like, Dave Barry is going to know who I am now! He’s going to call me up, and mention what a great essay I wrote, and how he’s really honored, as a Pulitzer winner, to be in the same paper with me.

And then I noticed that, not only are we in the same newspaper together, not only are our names literally right next to each other, but–

Sorry about that. I needed to breathe into a paper bag for a second. Because: we are on the same page!!! Well, back-to-back. Seriously, it’s like being in the same room with him! And standing back-to-back with him! To see who’s taller, or who’s the better writer, or who has the better haircut, or whatever.

Anyway, you can come to your own conclusions. My name’s not on his website yet (I checked), but…I shared my first print publication with Dave Barry!

I’m just saying.


12 thoughts on “In Which I Graciously Share Space with…DAVE BARRY!

  1. Hey Dawn:
    Congrats on your success and glad to hear you love Dave Barry.
    He sent me a postcard when I was a GP in Northern Ontario in the early 90’s. I had sent him some humorous anecdotes about some of my patients (names changed to protect the innocent) and some other stuff I had written.
    His postcard said:
    “Dear George:
    They don’t actually let you near patients do they?
    With Alarm,
    Dave Barry MD”
    I laminated that thing and hung it in my Dave Barry shrine.
    Finally went and shook his hand this past Sept, at a book-signing in Miami. Of course I accidentally wandered into an AA meeting by accident, en route.
    You might like some of the stuff I write in shameless imitation of Dave at:
    I look forward to following your blog.
    Sincere good wishes!


  2. I remember how much you loved Dave Barry – it was a common love Dad and I could and did share with you. The man is an awesome writer and his books were some of my favorites. His humor just slays me, lol. But now back to you – I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to read your essay and perhaps get a copy or two. You may have been next to Dave Barry in a publication but I gave birth to you – top that!!!!!

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