And the Winner is…

Two weeks ago I posted a contest: design the best contest! And boy howdy was it fun to read your entries!

Here are the ones that measured up to the stringent rules employed by our judges. (Me, over the course of several days. It’s kind of like having multiple judges, right?)

  • You provide a simple sentence. The contestant is to rewrite it in the most convoluted way possible while maintaining the original concept. Points for rare words used properly.
  • Each contestant should describe why they should win, in 50 words or less, using the words Dawn, Turner, and Claflin. Extra points if they rhyme.
  • Send the best Beechwood picture.
  • Entrants have to describe their homemade chili in 250 words or less for the winningest, yes… the WINNINGEST chili in the world!
  • Write a poem about the author.

The competition was tough, and who knows, you may see these in use on this blog at some point. But only one made me laugh so loudly that other people at the library turned to give me angry looks, so I am proud to announce that the winner is…Victoria Starr Allen, who wrote,

Hold a contest for the best original fortune cookie affirmation using “self-aggrandizing.” For example: The hair-cuttings of a famous self-aggrandizing author will soon be in your possession.

Congrats, Victoria! You will soon be presented with a collection of inspired and inspiring writings.

Thanks for playing my game, contestants! Now I am off to find someone who will cook me some WINNINGEST chili…


Photo credit: Nomadic Lass (Flickr: Domo Party) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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