Announcing Contest: Win a Copy of My New Poem! (fine, and some stuff by other people too)

Soon, something I wrote is going to be published in print. This is the first time ever for me. If we assume I’ve been waiting for this day since I was born, I’ve been waiting forty-two years.

Probably that would be an overly dramatic assumption, but what if I told you the truth, which is: I submitted this poem seven months ago. Some of you writers will want to slap me on the back of my head for this, but that was soooooo long ago! I was, like, a whole different person back then! I was only forty-one!

Anyway, because I want to celebrate, and because no one is sitting here telling me what a dumb idea this is, I am going to have a contest. With a prize! To celebrate my first ever print publication at the age of forty-two!

The prize is easy: a copy of the journal, Beechwood Review (edited by Richard Heby), in which my poem appears. Isn’t that self-aggrandizing of me? (Next month I’ll be giving away an old ratty t-shirt that I used to wear. Or, signed photos of myself. Or cuttings of my hair!)

I didn’t get paid for this; in fact, since each copy cost $11.99, I am losing money on this deal, but I’m excited! So who cares? People pay $12 to have fun all the time, right?

The contest part is harder. I’ve been sitting here thinking for at least five minutes and all I’ve decided is that I can’t believe how many people come to the public library to use free wi-fi to play online first-person shooter games.

But I just had a literal (in the new sense of the word, aka, not literal!) flash of intelligence! An idea!

CONTEST: Whoever adds a comment here or on Facebook with the best idea for the contest I could have had (or, could have next time I feel like having a contest) will win their very own copy of Beechwood Review issue 2!*

Entries will be judged rigorously by a panel of experts: me; winner will be chosen based on: what I like.

Have fun! You have until June 10th! I can’t wait to read what I should have done!


*If, instead of entering, you want to buy your own print copy, just follow this link. For electronic copies, visit here.


photo credit: By Malene Thyssen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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