Announcing Contest: Win a Copy of My New Poem! (fine, and some stuff by other people too)

Soon, something I wrote is going to be published in print. This is the first time ever for me. If we assume I’ve been waiting for this day since I was born, I’ve been waiting forty-two years.

Probably that would be an overly dramatic assumption, but what if I told you the truth, which is: I submitted this poem seven months ago. Some of you writers will want to slap me on the back of my head for this, but that was soooooo long ago! I was, like, a whole different person back then! I was only forty-one!

Anyway, because I want to celebrate, and because no one is sitting here telling me what a dumb idea this is, I am going to have a contest. With a prize! To celebrate my first ever print publication at the age of forty-two!

The prize is easy: a copy of the journal, Beechwood Review (edited by Richard Heby), in which my poem appears. Isn’t that self-aggrandizing of me? (Next month I’ll be giving away an old ratty t-shirt that I used to wear. Or, signed photos of myself. Or cuttings of my hair!)

I didn’t get paid for this; in fact, since each copy cost $11.99, I am losing money on this deal, but I’m excited! So who cares? People pay $12 to have fun all the time, right?

The contest part is harder. I’ve been sitting here thinking for at least five minutes and all I’ve decided is that I can’t believe how many people come to the public library to use free wi-fi to play online first-person shooter games.

But I just had a literal (in the new sense of the word, aka, not literal!) flash of intelligence! An idea!

CONTEST: Whoever adds a comment here or on Facebook with the best idea for the contest I could have had (or, could have next time I feel like having a contest) will win their very own copy of Beechwood Review issue 2!*

Entries will be judged rigorously by a panel of experts: me; winner will be chosen based on: what I like.

Have fun! You have until June 10th! I can’t wait to read what I should have done!


*If, instead of entering, you want to buy your own print copy, just follow this link. For electronic copies, visit here.


photo credit: By Malene Thyssen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

8 thoughts on “Announcing Contest: Win a Copy of My New Poem! (fine, and some stuff by other people too)

  1. Your contest should be that each contestant should describe why they should win, in 50 words or less, using the words dawn, turner, and claflin. Extra points if they rhyme.


  2. Hold a contest for the best original fortune cookie affirmation using “self-aggrandizing.”

    The hair-cuttings of a famous self-aggrandizing author will soon be in your possession.

    (I liked your use of the words “aggrandize” and “rigorously.”)


  3. I think you should have held a virtual chili cook off where entrants had to describe their homemade chili in 250 words or less for the winningest, yes… the WINNINGEST chili in the world!


  4. I think you have to write a poem about the author to win the contest. For example:

    I love your beautiful thoughts and writing so
    I really want and need to know
    if when you write, “do you glow?”
    Because your words “light” up the world as a whole!

    That’s my entry. And obviously I don’t have my daughter’s talent, lol.


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