When Doesn’t It Suck to Work during Vacation?

Here’s how I know writing is the right job for me:

I’m working while on vacation. And I’m glad.

Friday was my anniversary (#21!) and Erik and I spent hours walking around Seattle—to the market, around Lake Union, from downtown to Magnolia along the Elliot Bay Trail. We were both surprised by how restful it felt to walk five, ten, twelve miles in a day. We left our car at home, in Burien, and our rule for the weekend was simple: public transportation or feet. I highly recommend this; you’ll see from the photos what a lovely experience this was.

But now it’s Monday, and it’s time to get to work.

However, some friends gifted us with a week using their time-share on Lake Chelan (shout-out to The Phenomenal Becks!). So, here were my choices:

  • Bring no writing, and bust my rear when we get back to meet a deadline I have with an editor
  • Bring no writing, and ask the editor for an extension (which she’d probably be willing to give me)
  • Bring my writing and work here, on the gorgeous banks of Lake Chelan.

What amazed me was how easily #3 rose to the top. I love my job and get a little twitchy if I’m away from it for too long. I need to write. So it’s really no struggle to sit here working for a few hours instead of swimming, or napping, or going for a walk.

Plus, have you seen the view from my office today?


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