A Trinity of Good News: a Published Piece, a Writing Group, and a Successful Query

I have three quick updates for this week — all of them really wonderful.

First: another essay is live today at Mothers Always Write.  It’s called “Making Peace with Sponge Bob”, and I warn anyone squeamish: the words boobs, uterus, and poop all make an appearance.

Second: I am now one week into the successful launch of an online writing group and I love it!  I have a feeling that the feedback is going to sharpen my writing into something better than it could have been otherwise.

Third: Last week I mentioned that I had sent out my first query.  As of today, I’ve sent four — and one got picked up!  By Parent Map!  If you aren’t a parent in the Seattle area, a “That’s great” will be sufficient.  The rest of us are throwing our hats into the air and high-fiving strangers.  This is really huge, and I feel humbled and challenged by this assignment.

This is a new kind of writing for me — basically, instead of selling an already finished piece of writing, I sold a future piece of writing, a proposal.

So, today’s post is short.  Once this piece gets published, I will post details about the process for those who are interested.  Until then: I’ve got work to do, and I am so excited to do it!


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