Sixty is the New Twenty

I finally finished reading Leviticus, every last word.  If I ever needed proof that I never want to be a technical writer, I’ve got it now.

I did discover something cool though – a new definition of what it means to be in the prime of life.

In chapter 27, it spends some time talking about how to buy people back, if you dedicated them to God or whatever, and decided that you need them, after all.  So there is this (long) (and boring) list of prices: how much to pay to get your three-year-old back, or your grandmother.  That doesn’t really bear thinking about, but what I loved is –

Actually, before I tell you, may I say that I got carded on Saturday, at Trader Joe’s?  Well done, TJs!  Keeping America safe!  Now, I know that this doesn’t mean the checker thought I didn’t look 21, but it might mean I didn’t look 30 – and that is great news!  That is my almost-favorite Christmas present!

It turns out, Leviticus, that (long) (and boring) book of Old Testament law agrees with my favorite Trader Joe’s employee!  Because guess when the age range that starts at 20 ends?  My husband guessed 25.  (I love it when he plays my game right.)

Nope, I got to say, rubbing my hands with glee.  Guess again.

The answer, folks, is…sixty.

Sixty!  That seems old even to me, and I am old enough to wear bifocals and be officially in perimenopause (which is just menopause for the under-50 set, I guess like how Underoos are “underwear” if you’re three, but less fun).

This is so encouraging to me because, honestly, I used to look at pictures of novelists on the backs of their books, and I would think, “Oh, look, she looks older than me.  That’s good.  I still have time.”  I would console myself with the thought that I could write when my kids graduated from high school, when I needed a new hobby other than praying for baggy clothes to become fashionable for teenage girls again.

Well, I am living the dream, because: A) God let me start writing NOW!  Without waiting for actual menopause to give my writing that special edge!  B) I look younger than I act!  And C) Even the Bible says I’m not middle-aged!

I love, love, love knowing that 42 is not too old to try something new, to chase this dream of writing, to gift myself and my family with the peace that comes with obeying a calling I’ve felt for years and years.  And years.

I’m barely old enough to be drinking legally, folks, and I already know what I want to do with my life.  I pray the same is true for you.

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