Increasing My Gross Domestic Happiness

So, making sure to post something on this site every Monday is the closest thing I have to a “real” schedule.  And, this week, I blew it.

It’s at times like these that I have to remind myself that I am a mom first, a writer second.  That can be hard for me.

Anyway, this was the week of my husband having the flu, for five days and counting now.

This was also the week of the late Thanksgiving feast with friends from Iraq – marking their first taste of sweet potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce; marking my first trip to a halal market.

This was therefore the week of cooking, and doing dishes, and cooking again, and doing more dishes, in an endless repeated cycle.

This was the week of our annual trip to the mountains to hike around, a bit at random, looking for the perfect tree, then cutting and dragging it back to the car; then sledding and hot chocolate in the snow with friends.

This was the week of geocaching in the rain and mud with my daughter and her friends at a birthday party.

This was therefore the week of wet boots and hats and gloves and snow pants and rain gear strewn all over the living room, in bags, in piles, on chairs, in front of the fire.

Finally, this was also the week where I volunteered at a career fair at my former workplace, Highline High School, where – despite the crazy mayhem of my recent life – teachers came up to me over and over again to say, “You look great!” and, “You look so relaxed!” and, “You have so much energy!”

I’m doing what I’ve been called to do for this year.  And my family’s Gross Domestic Happiness has skyrocketed because of it.




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