Acceptance at What Cost?

This last week, I got the news I’ve been waiting for — my whole life, maybe.

“Congratulations!  Your essay has been accepted for publication.  We love your writing!”

Those last four words did a lot to erase some doubt that has been lurking around, trying to creep in and set up residence.

Here’s what’s funny: that essay had already been rejected — twice.  And, the same day, I got two other rejections.  Actually, “funny” doesn’t quite cover it.

But here’s the thing.  Who am I writing for?  Just who am I trying to please?  One letter I received went something like this: “A fun read, but not the best fit.”  Sometimes, as an author, it’s not my writing that is the problem — it is the match between what I’m trying to do, and what the editor is trying to do, at that one moment in time.

I’m in Kansas City now, visiting sisters on both sides — mine, and my husband’s.  Both are dealing with feelings of unacceptance.  So, here I sit, in Missouri (Kansas? Missouri? What is wrong with this city?  One state isn’t good enough for you?), giving hugs to sisters who need it, sisters who need to hear, “Congratulations!  You’ve been accepted!  I love you!”

It pays to remember that, for every rejection we get, a more important acceptance is sitting there, waiting.  Let’s all remember: Just who are we doing this for?  Who are we trying to please?


10 thoughts on “Acceptance at What Cost?

  1. Dawn. Congratulations on your essay. Miss you and Erik at church and kids too. So glad you could be there to see your siblings. Keep Writing Dawn. I get this word for you all time.

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  2. Congrats. As you’ve discovered, rejection doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with your writing. A lot of it is right place, right time, right editor. I once had a story rejected 13 times before it found a home, and a very talented writer pal of mine had a story rejected over 30 times before he sold it.

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