Top 10 Things I Will Miss about Teaching

Top 10 Things I Will Miss about Teaching

School is in session.  Unless you are in the Seattle School District, of course, where negotiations have ground to a halt.

Come on, teachers!  Who doesn’t want to work a few extra hours a day for no pay?

Actually, I recently heard on NPR about the Chester-Upland school district near Philadelphia, where teachers and support staff have been working with no pay.  None.  Zippo.  Girl, those teachers are CRAZY!!!  I know.  And it’s not just the teachers – it’s the aides, the custodians, the receptionists.  It’s an entire school district.  When the district ran out of money, the “staff voted to come back to work anyway” (italics mine).[1]

I have major questions about what is going on in the community.  But with the teachers?

That’s easy.  Because, for all the things I won’t miss about teaching, and for everything I have gained by taking a sabbatical (time with my family, time to pursue writing, sanity), here is what I will miss:

Top 10 Things I Will Miss about Teaching

  1. The students.
  2. The students.
  3. The students.
  4. The students.
  5. The students.
  6. The students.
  7. The students.
  8. The students.
  9. Ok, my teacher friends that I worked with every day.
  10. The students.

Oh, my students.  The hole you have left.  I miss you every day.

[1] Benshoff, Lauren.  “School Districts Squeezed by Pennsylvania’s Budget Impasse.” National Public Radio. NPR, 03 Sept 2015. Web. 14 Sept 2015.


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